• We design interiors and exteriors since 1994, private and public as well. Our teamwork of people and companies is proffesional and includes architects, engineers, designers and other professions. Realizations of the project themselves is done by cooperating with construction companies and craftsmen, in person. Technical supervision is maintained by us being in the place of realization.
  • Vizualization of interiors is made by a program floorplanner. The average price is 3000 czech crowns per design.


  • The fourth dimension of interior is light. We design interiors and exteriors including lighting, while harmonizing the desing to an aesthetic whole. We provide skylights, light fibers, LED panels, lights with LED sources and also a classic bulb?
  • For industrial buildings' lighting, we calculate light's properties using the Wills (BuildingCAD) program, allowing us to, without any problems, follow the norms required by EU.